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  • The Disko Dog Mini is designed specifically for small dogs.
  • It operates using low-cost AAAA batteries.
  • The device is extra light, making it comfortable for small dogs to wear.
  • It has a long battery life of approximately 50 hours.
  • The Disko Dog Plus is a particularly economical operation with low-cost AAA batteries.
  • Extra long battery life of approximately 100 hours
  • It is our bestseller loved by pet owners for its long-lasting performance.

Easily rechargeable via USB

  • Extreme luminosity
  • Constant brightness with weekly recharging
  • long battery life: approx. 25 hours per charge

Designed with easy handling in mind, the Disko Dog is a breeze to use. Not only that, but it is also extremely bright on all sides, ensuring your furry friend stays visible and safe. Built to last, this collar is robust, durable, and reliable, making it perfect for any adventure. Plus, you have the option to recharge it via USB or use battery power. With a battery life of up to 120 hours, your pet will stay illuminated for extended periods.

To turn the Disko Dog on, simply ensure that the battery compartment is facing downwards, and the Disko Dog is in motion. This will activate the motion sensor, allowing the light to turn on automatically. On the other hand, if the battery compartment is facing upwards, the Disko Dog will gradually switch off after approximately 1 minute. To store the Disko Dog, it is recommended to suspend it on a hook to ensure that the battery compartment is facing upwards, thus allowing it to slowly switch off.

The 12 Impressive Benefits of Disko Dog Collars:

  1. Easy Handling: The Disko Dog is designed for convenience. Simply pull it over your dog's head, and it will automatically switch on if the battery pack is facing downward. When the battery pack is facing upward, it will turn off after approximately 1 minute.
  2. LED Light Collar with LEUCHTIE Sensor Technology: The Disko Dog utilizes advanced sensor technology to ensure reliable and efficient operation.
  3. Particularly Low Running Costs: With just one set of commercially available AAA alkaline batteries, you can power the Disko Dog throughout the winter season. These batteries guarantee extremely low costs of approximately 1 cent per hour, making the Disko Dog Plus an excellent alternative to rechargeable LED dog collars.
  4. Extremely Long Battery Life: You won't have to worry about the energy supply for months. After approximately 100 hours, simply and quickly replace the batteries, and your Disko Dog will be ready for use again for many more months.
  5. Bright on All Sides: The Disko Dog features hand-picked LEDs that provide exceptional brightness, making your dog visible from all sides and hundreds of meters away. This guarantees the highest level of safety for both dogs and humans.
  6. 100% Waterproof: The Disko Dog is designed to be fully waterproof, allowing your dog to swim and dive without any concerns.
  7. Durable and Reliable: Disko Dog is synonymous with top quality. It is extremely robust, completely reliable, and has been globally proven through hundreds of thousands of uses since 2003.
  8. Protection Against Loss: The Disko Dog comes with an attachment loop that can be fastened to your dog's collar or harness, ensuring that it stays securely in place and reduces the risk of loss.
  9. Strong Luminous Colors: Choose from a range of colors and color combinations to make your dog clearly visible over long distances and easily distinguishable in the dark.
  10. Made in Germany: Since 2003, Disko Dog has been proudly crafted at our facility in Weiden/Bavaria, Germany. We prioritize quality by carefully selecting our materials and suppliers.
  11. Social Responsibility: Disko Dog collaborates with curative education centers, providing individuals with physical or mental disabilities with individual support. Some of the preparatory tasks are carried out in these centers, helping us avoid the exploitation of people and the environment commonly associated with production in low-wage countries.
  12. Sustainability: Disko Dog is not a disposable item. In the event of damage, we offer reliable support, repair services, and low-cost spare parts to ensure the longevity of your Disko Dog collar.

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